Smarty CRM

Cloud service to maintain customer base, increase sales and carry out teamwork. It allows you to manage contacts, notes, goals, events and files.
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Intuitive Interface

Easy, simple and handy!

Your contacts have never been so conveniently segmented! Groups, color indication of the stages of relations, regions and various filters help to select the appropriate cards in a couple of seconds.
For Maintaining Customer Base
Informative Contact Cards
Fill in all customer data in one place, indicate if it is an organization or a person, an important contact or regular, current or potential one! Attach tasks, goals, notifications and any other additional information directly inside the card!
Sales Stages
Smarty CRM allows you to link each contact to the right stage of the classical sales funnel (from establishing a contact to retention). Configure the stages and description for each category of contacts. Imagine how the interaction with clients happens according to your business model.
Grant access to your workspace Smarty CRM to your employees, colleagues, customers, partners and work as a team!
Chat and Invites
Use instant business chat to communicate with colleagues and partners in a contact card. Invite customers to Smarty CRM and chat inside the system!
For Important Tasks
Build a list of notes, prioritize, search quickly. Edit your text easily, as in an ordinary notepad.
Day Planner
Enter tasks in online organizer, ranking them by priority, assigning dates and setting notifications. Smarty CRM will not allow you to miss an important meeting!
Online organizer helps you to create a tree of goals, connect it with the contacts and track progress. Focus on the main things and enjoy achievements!
For Convenience
Mobile Platforms
The service is available not only through a browser, but also on the operating systems Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Install our app on your smartphone or tablet.
Online and Offline
Online organizer works from any location with Internet access, but mobile applications can do even without it.
Import and Export
Use Excel template to upload data to the service. They can also be exported from the program and saved on your PC.
Smarty CRM — Lifehacking Every Day
How do you increase personal effectiveness?
Give yourself a plus if you use the best practices such as GTD system, time management or Eisenhower Matrix. In any case online organizer is an effective assistant to increase your personal performance.
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